Amy Kuney, female pop rock singer’s review of her CD called ‘EP’. 6 great songs to introduce this fine artists….

Female Singer Amy Kuney

Amy Kuney
Tells a good tale and sings her heart out.

Rock Pop singer/songwriter Amy Kuney spent her childhood as the daughter of missionary parents in Honduras. Those memories and experiences shaped her life and are detailed in her music.

The fab world of “singer/songwriters”. Very well populated these days with chantreuses and balladeers who are keeping the genres of folk / pop / rock / country / blues acoustic scenes alive and well. As evidenced by this one artist I’m here to write about – Amy Kuney

This 6 song CD by Amy Kuney, aptly titled “EP” is a first for this young singer/songwriter. And a great debut it is! Warm, intimate, personal stuff – a voice that immediately connects with the listener. She tells her stories in a somewhat unassuming way but man.. does it get to ya! That’s what songwriting is about imho….her vocal technique is very good. A somewhat sultry quality to her sound but very fresh. I like this.

A nice touch on this CD is that it lists all musicians on all tracks who played and/or sang. The playing is tight across the board and supportive of Amy’s vocals. Quite a cast of musicians, with Paul Marshall on bass for most tracks, Peter Barker (also one of the producers) playing acoustic and some electric guitars, David Raven / Jeff Taylor sharing the drum duties, and additional folks playing all sorts of instruments from Wurlitzers, organs, percussion, backup vocals and last but not least.. Amy’s sister Marisa Kuney adding violin on Breaking Bad Habits, the wonderful live track at the end of this disk.

Great songs on this CD. Really.. believe it. All have a message, are well written, hooky but without that “formulated” sound that’s running rampant these days. Amy’s got a personal stake in her music and it shows thru. Keep it up girl.

Recording Quality:
Top Notch. Well.. two veteran producers had a hand in this. Mandi Martin who’s produced for quite some time and Peter A. Barker who’s worked for Sony for many years. They brought out all the cool aspects of this artist, didn’t overproduce, put together all the pieces to the puzzle and came out with a most polished and personal statement. Recorded on Protools Threshold Sound + Visionv (Los Angeles) and also mastered there, the quality of this CD is brisk and clean. Producer Peter A. Barker co-owns the studio, so he knows the gear

A fantastic debut for Amy Kuney. Well produced, well written, beautifully sung, intimate without being boring..this CD has all the ingredients to break this artist national. It’s been on the rotational changer here at the Shred Hacienda for a little while.

Song picks:
So Help Me God – How The Wind Must feel – In The Dark
I like all the songs (all 6 of them, it’s really an “EP”) but these three stand out as far as I’m concerned.

The opener So Help Me God is absolutely fab.. stayed in my mind after I listened and still keeps coming back like a bad penny.

How The Wind Must feel is just great.

And In The Dark is a chilling testimony of emotion…

For more information on Amy Kuney log on to:
Amy Kuney

** I’ve seen Amy Kuney live and she IS that fabulous !

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