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Rynata, Leah Harlow, Christie Moore jamming at the Roadhouse, Palm Springs 2017
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We provide a place for female musicians, women bands (and cool dudes) to showcase, network, share ideas, support each other, offer services and advice, job opportunities, news and articles. Acoustic singers and songwriters, heavy rocking bands – funky, jazzy, soulful – it’s all here at this fab network. Plus one of the biggest hubs for The Best Female Music Online

If you’re serious about networking,
this is the place to hang your “cyber hat”. Online resources and a great community of women and men musicians helping each other out. Plus extensive mp3 and show reviews.

We believe in networking, especially as women musicians.
When we founded this network, social media was in its infancy. Who had heard of ‘Twitter’ in 2002? No one. Now, however, there are so many networking opportunities at our disposal. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn just to name a few.

We like to think that we have our little ‘niche’ and invite you to hang out with us, network and share the knowledge. It’s about empowerment, camaraderie, support and good ole kaffee klatsch between like-minded musicians and their friends. No matter where in the world you are. FemMuse connects with female musicians, women bands and cool dudes from all over the world. And a groovy thing it is indeed.

If you’d like to write an article, give us a heads up on cool women music events, shows, online stuff.. we would love to hear from you. We’ll publish it on this site. So don’t be shy!!

Database / Lists of many useful and recommended businesses as well as music organizations, magazines, radio station and much more.

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