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Articles written by Women for Women.. about the Music Biz, and other noteworthy happenings!

Poker Queens – a Documentary about Female Poker Players.
A good read about women in the elusive world of high-stakes Poker Games. Sandra Mohr’s splendid documentary ‘Poker Queens’ (Amazon Prime) serves as the backdrop ….

Eva Nanyonga The Female Guitar Wizard from Uganda 1960’s
Uganda’s splendid Female Guitarist Eva Nanyonga from the 60’s is explored. Looking like a sweet ‘granny’, she was a killer guitarist….

Music Videos and the Role of Women
Huffington Post U.K. talks about the role of women in mainstream music videos. Detailed splendidly by Ms. Epstein….

Male is Rhythm – Female is Melody
Great Article written about Carlos Santana in India a few years ago.

Debby Hastings – Female Bass Player with the Blues and Bo Diddley
Debbie Hastings was the female bass player and musical director for Bo Diddley. Insightful and fascinating article.

Age Discrimination in the Music Business. Becoming to old to Rockn Roll? by Bobby Borg
Bobby Borg talks about Age Discrimination in the Music Business. And he does a great job detailing stats, reality, wishful thinking, citing Madonna, Ani DiFranco, Korn and others. Great read….

The remarkable and true story of a middle – aged woman and mother who, after tragedy strikes, decides to pick up an electric guitar and rock out….. read more and be inspired!

Mom Rock – Birthing A Movement!
How We’re Doing It.

Mothers Who Rock, Female Musicians with Children – this article is for you! Female Singer / Mother Joy Rose’s (Mamapalooza) great piece on this topic…

Take Your Music Full-Time And Follow Your Path.
Female Singer / Songwriter Mara talks about musicians and day jobs, quitting jobs, touring and soul-searching…

Female Singer / Vocal Teacher Teri Danz Shares Remedies For Sore Throat
Are you a singer and have a sore throat right before a gig? Singer and Vocal Coach Teri Danz has some excellent tips….

Stage Fright Help by Female Country Singer Anne Minnery
Do you suffer from stage fright and need help? Country Singer Anne Minnery walks us through some steps to combat stage fright and offers helpful tips…

Music Union – Local 1000 for Touring Musicians
Are you a touring musician? Then check out Jamie Anderson’s article about Music Union Local 1000 and why YOU should join…..

Money Managing Tips for Musicians
by Larissa Lam

Managing Money… for some of us not an easy task. Female singer Larissa Lam offers up some helpful tips to get us back on track….

Musicians: When do you need a Manager or Booking Agent in your Career
Need a booking agent? A manager? Read Booking Agent Terri Mazurek’s post on this topic. Lots of good info any band/artist can use….

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