The Huffington Post U.K. ran this insightful article about the role women play in music videos ..

Music Videos and their Women

When I read this article (a few years old..) I said to myself: kudos to the writer B.J. Epstein who got this totally right.

Sweet Nothing – Women In Music Videos

Do women really have to take their clothes off to appear on stage? Even successful, powerful singers like Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Beyonce etc. seem to always ‘grind on a pole’ with the skimpiest of attire. It permeates the whole entertainment industry. The Oscars, the Grammys, The Emmys.

I thought it interesting when Epstein pointed out the gym factor. Are these videos made specifically to be watched in a gym? To work harder? Sadly: no.. that is the way it is. The ever powerful male and the submissive, sex kitten, even IF she can sing rings around most guys.

It runs rampant in the music video field, as Epstein pointed out. Read it and judge for yourself .

Sweet Nothing – Women In Music Videos

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