Female Singer / Vocal Teacher Teri Danz Shares Remedies For Sore Throat

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  1. Joe CAnnon says:

    Just a thought…I didn't have a sore throat, but congestion and I couldn't hit the high notes, so I sang low songs, went home and did some research and found a ginger root remedy, so thought I'd try it….mixed about a thumb sized fresh ginger root, some orange juice, some granola and a big scoop of vanilla greek yogurt….woke up next morning and had another one, by the time the gig came around I was hitting the high notes and my congestion cleared up…hope it helps somebody…good luck…

  2. Chanelle Aristide says:

    Fab advice. Thank you. I also drink aloe vera based drinks which can be purchased from Thai supermarkets; I feel the healing properties start getting straight to work.

  3. web site says:

    Exactly where did you actually pick up the suggestions to
    compose ““Female Singer Teri Danz | Tips for Sore Throat and Singers |”?
    Thanks for your effort ,Jack

  4. Michelle Douglas says:

    I just bought some Throat Coat, wow it taste sooooooo good. I love all of the advice and remedies. I am a health/herbal conscious person, so I'm happy that your remedies are natural. Thanks so much.

  5. Michelle Douglas says:

    Oh my goodness, this Throat Coat tea really works fast. I haven't finished my cup yet, but my throat is feeling better, it doesn't hurt anymore. No kidding!

  6. Lauren Cooper says:

    I love that you mentioned one of my favorite teas, the Throat Coat. The brand is Traditional Medicinals and you can get it at Stop and Shop and many natural food stores.

  7. Ty says:

    I got a really bad sore throat and tested my range on the piano. My range decreased by three notes, and the notes were easy for me to sing are now a challenge, so ill take all the advice I can get from this. I have a competition soon and this scares me.

  8. Maggie Stalhut says:

    I had a 360 neck fusion, from C3-T2, in 2009.
    I sang, Professional (locally) C&W, years ago…and continued to sing Karaoke, until the neck Surgery.
    My vocal cords were damaged, from a bone spur, which necessitated the Surgery, & I sounded like Minnie Mouse…or worse, just whispered.
    In 2012, I got my voice back, and could sing again…but much deeper. I could NOT hit Soprano at all, so I changed my choices of songs.
    THEN: I caught the flu bug, this Year, and for the past 3 1/2 Months, I cannot sing.
    When I'm tired, my voice squeaks or whispers, when I laugh, afterward my voice squeaks or whispers. I cannot do Karaoke, as a soloist.
    My voice remains 'edgy/scratchy', I sound 'gravelly',and I have constant mucous. On top of that, I have 'Dry Mouth', and am constantly taking Mouth Moisturizing Gel.
    PLEASE recommend something to help. Thank You! Maggie

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