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Eileen Carey Eileen Carey Eileen is a country singer and writer with several CDs under her belt. Some of her songs have made it into national and international charts, including Billboard.

Shredmistress RynataShredmistress Rynata The Shredmistress is a female guitarist, producer, guitar teacher, originally from Germany, living in Los Angeles.


Female Pop and Alternative Voice: Amy Kuney

The first Debut EP by this new fresh voice in the Pop Music world.

Female Country Rock Singer: Patti B.

An in-depth review of ‘Breakin’ Through’ a CD by female country rock singer Patti B.

Female Country Rock Singer: Ann-Marita – Review

Ann-Marita, Norwegian-born female country rock singer – Review of her self-titled CD

S.J. Tucker Female Singer Songwriter Guitarist – Music Review

This Skinny White Chick as S. J. Tucker likes to call herself, is no primrose when it comes to music. She has powerhouse vocals, deep meanings and great guitar chops to keep the best female singers excellent company!