Female Singer / Guitarist S. J. Tucker aka. Skinny White Chick might be just that… but in that skinny body is a huge voice. And a fine guitarist to boot. Read our take on S. J. Tucker…..

SJ Tucker i Female Singer

S. J. Tucker – aka… The Skinny White Chick
Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter

Genre: Pop / energetic Folk / Rock

Female Pop Rock Singer with Message and Meaning = S. J. Tucker

S. J. Tucker, also known as “Skinny White Chick” first came to our attention a number of years ago when another FemMuser alerted us to her. I gotta admit… I loved her alias name right from the get go. Listening to her album Haphazard though revealed a hugely talented singer with a depth and variety that isn’t found easily. Comparisons to Dar Williams, Ani DiFranco, Janis Ian and Joni Mitchell pop up everywhere but never quite. And that’s because S. J. has managed to retain her identity while paying homage to her idols. Given that there are a gazillion copy cats out there, this is a commendable task. Plus, as a bonus, S. H. Tucker’s guitar playing is quite good and on par with Emily Saliers

S. J. Tucker might be a Skinny White Chick as she likes to call herself, but this S.W.C. has a HUGE voice. Vibrant, soulful, engaging. And she will take no prisoners when she performs. One guitar, one voice, one woman … you wouldn’t miss a band listening to S. J.

S.J. Tucker’s original Magnum Opus – An excellent example of S.J.’s musical range.

Since we last reviewed her album Haphazard S. J. Tucker has released quite a few more works.  Available in either CD Audio format or digital downloads (Mp3s). Take a chance and grab a few. Your music collection will be that much richer.

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