Carlos Santana in India talking about Male and Female Attributes in Music …

Carlos Santana was in India

Legendary Guitarist visits India.

Carlos Santana in India

an interesting perspective

I have always liked this guitarist and his contributions to the Guitar World are huge! Soulful, fiery, imaginary come to mind when talking about Carlos Santana.

Why am I posting this here? Because of the heading of the article.

That is correct. ‘Male is Rhythm – Female is Melody’

Okay.. I can go with that. Not a bad way to look at the structure.

I would think though we women have plenty of rhythm .. and .. the guys have plenty of melody. Correct me if I am wrong! The absence of either or lack thereof does not bode well for a musician. Female OR male.

Enjoy the article!

Male is Rhythm, Female Is Melody

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