Female country rock singer Ann-Marita has put out some great music and this review is just one example of her body of work that spans continents…

Ann-Marita woman Country Singer

Female Country Singer Ann-Marita: A Norwegian who can really sing Country

Country Rock singer and songwriter Ann-Marita’s journey on a winding path from her upbringing in rural Norway to Sweden, Iowa, Los Angeles and Australia…then back to California.

Genre: Country Rock

Ann-Marita is a dynamic singer/songwriter who fuses country rock and pop together in a very nice blend. Originally from Norway, she developed a love for country music and has lived and played music all over the world.

Can you say country? Well… this singer has it down. And then some. A beautiful voice, gusto, power, sultry, twangy when needed, belting when needed. Hard to believe Ann-Marita is not a native southerner. She was born in Norway, and has lived all over the world, currently residing in Australia. Her love for country music was developed at an early age though and she fuses that together with her already rather rich live experiences, making this CD “not your ordinary” country fare. She’s in full control of her vocals at any point in the songs.

Recording Quality:
Top Notch! Very professional both in production and sonic clarity. This was a two continent endeavor. Recorded, mixed and mastered in Australia and California. The liner notes on the CD mention Brett Garsed and T.J. Helmerich at Cranky Boy Studios in Thousand Oaks, California. Plus Doug Brady of Elwood Village Studios in Melbourne, Australia who did the mixing. Ann-Marita also shares production credits on this CD. Nice job. I’m gonna keep this CD around for my own recording endeavors (not that I’m going country…) but this is a nice reference for what a good production can do.

Song picks:
1) For starters, the opening number Class of ’93 kick starts the CD with an up tempo feel that’s right in the pocket. Cool country guitar licks which this reviewer truly enjoyed.

2) Alive and Kickin
the third cut on this CD is another hooky, up tempo and great sounding track. Very country-rock. Nice harmonica by Steve Williams that blends just so well with Ann-Marita’s vocals.

3) I loved No Slowing The Hands of Time!!
That brought me right back into my time in the south, driving on the roads thru Louisiana, Mississippi and listening to country on the radio, while getting to a rock’n roll gig. Not the most original song but the FEEL…oh yeah!

This is just a well rounded CD. Excellently spaced in terms of dynamics and mixing the up-tempos with the slower grooves. And not too long. 9 songs! I think everyone oughta put out shorter CDs… and more of them.

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