S.J. Tucker Female Singer Songwriter Guitarist – Music Review

SJ Tucker i Female Singer

S. J. Tucker – aka… The Skinny White Chick
Singer | Guitarist | Songwriter

Genre: Pop / energetic Folk / Rock

Female Pop Rock Singer with Message and Meaning = S. J. Tucker

S. J. Tucker, also known as "Skinny White Chick" first came to our attention a number of years ago when another FemMuser alerted us to her. I gotta admit… I loved her alias name right from the get go. Listening to her album Haphazard though revealed a hugely talented singer with a depth and variety that isn’t found easily. Comparisons to Dar Williams, Ani DiFranco, Janis Ian and Joni Mitchell pop up everywhere but never quite. And that’s because S. J. has managed to retain her identity while paying homage to her idols. Given that there are a gazillion copy cats out there, this is a commendable task. Plus, as a bonus, S. H. Tucker’s guitar playing is quite good and on par with Emily Saliers

S. J. Tucker might be a Skinny White Chick as she likes to call herself, but this S.W.C. has a HUGE voice. Vibrant, soulful, engaging. And she will take no prisoners when she performs. One guitar, one voice, one woman … you wouldn’t miss a band listening to S. J.

S.J. Tucker’s original Magnum Opus – An excellent example of S.J.’s musical range.

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Since we last reviewed her album Haphazard S. J. Tucker has released quite a few more works. All featured on the right. Available in either CD Audio format or digital downloads (Mp3s). Take a chance and grab a few. Your music collection will be that much richer.

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Female Country Rock Singer: Ann-Marita CD Review

Ann-Marita woman Country Singer

Country Rock singer and songwriter Ann-Marita’s journey on a winding path from her upbringing in rural Norway to Sweden, Iowa, Los Angeles and Australia…then back to California.

Genre: Country Rock

Female Country Singer Ann-Marita: A Norwegian who can really sing Country

Ann-Marita is a dynamic singer/songwriter who fuses country rock and pop together in a very nice blend. Originally from Norway, she developed a love for country music and has lived and played music all over the world.

Can you say country? Well… this singer has it down. And then some. A beautiful voice, gusto, power, sultry, twangy when needed, belting when needed. Hard to believe Ann-Marita is not a native southerner. She was born in Norway, and has lived all over the world, currently residing in Australia. Her love for country music was developed at an early age though and she fuses that together with her already rather rich live experiences, making this CD "not your ordinary" country fare. She’s in full control of her vocals at any point in the songs.

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Recording Quality:
Top Notch! Very professional both in production and sonic clarity. This was a two continent endeavor. Recorded, mixed and mastered in Australia and California. The liner notes on the CD mention Brett Garsed and T.J. Helmerich at Cranky Boy Studios in Thousand Oaks, California. Plus Doug Brady of Elwood Village Studios in Melbourne, Australia who did the mixing. Ann-Marita also shares production credits on this CD. Nice job. I’m gonna keep this CD around for my own recording endeavors (not that I’m going country…) but this is a nice reference for what a good production can do.

Song picks:
1) For starters, the opening number Class of ’93 kick starts the CD with an up tempo feel that’s right in the pocket. Cool country guitar licks which this reviewer truly enjoyed.
Class of ’93 Preview/Buy MP3

2) Alive and Kickin
the third cut on this CD is another hooky, up tempo and great sounding track. Very country-rock. Nice harmonica by Steve Williams that blends just so well with Ann-Marita’s vocals.
Alive And Kickin’ Preview/Buy MP3

3) I loved No Slowing The Hands of Time!!
That brought me right back into my time in the south, driving on the roads thru Louisiana, Mississippi and listening to country on the radio, while getting to a rock’n roll gig. Not the most original song but the FEEL…oh yeah!
(No Slowing) The Hands of Time Preview/Buy MP3

This is just a well rounded CD. Excellently spaced in terms of dynamics and mixing the up-tempos with the slower grooves. And not too long. 9 songs! I think everyone oughta put out shorter CDs… and more of them.

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Female Pop Rock Singer: Amy Kuney CD Review

Female Singer Amy Kuney

Rock Pop singer/songwriter Amy Kuney spent her childhood as the daughter of missionary parents in Honduras. Those memories and experiences shaped her life and are detailed in her music.

Amy Kuney: Tells a good tale and sings her heart out.

The fab world of "singer/songwriters". Very well populated these days with chantreuses and balladeers who are keeping the genres of folk / pop / rock / country / blues acoustic scenes alive and well. As evidenced by this one artist I’m here to write about – Amy Kuney

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This 6 song CD by Amy Kuney, aptly titled "EP" is a first for this young singer/songwriter. And a great debut it is! Warm, intimate, personal stuff – a voice that immediately connects with the listener. She tells her stories in a somewhat unassuming way but man.. does it get to ya! That’s what songwriting is about imho….her vocal technique is very good. A somewhat sultry quality to her sound but very fresh. I like this.

A nice touch on this CD is that it lists all musicians on all tracks who played and/or sang. The playing is tight across the board and supportive of Amy’s vocals. Quite a cast of musicians, with Paul Marshall on bass for most tracks, Peter Barker (also one of the producers) playing acoustic and some electric guitars, David Raven / Jeff Taylor sharing the drum duties, and additional folks playing all sorts of instruments from Wurlitzers, organs, percussion, backup vocals and last but not least.. Amy’s sister Marisa Kuney adding violin on Breaking Bad Habits, the wonderful live track at the end of this disk.

Great songs on this CD. Really.. believe it. All have a message, are well written, hooky but without that "formulated" sound that’s running rampant these days. Amy’s got a personal stake in her music and it shows thru. Keep it up girl.

Recording Quality:
Top Notch. Well.. two veteran producers had a hand in this. Mandi Martin who’s produced for quite some time and Peter A. Barker who’s worked for Sony for many years. They brought out all the cool aspects of this artist, didn’t overproduce, put together all the pieces to the puzzle and came out with a most polished and personal statement. Recorded on Protools Threshold Sound + Visionv (Los Angeles) and also mastered there, the quality of this CD is brisk and clean. Producer Peter A. Barker co-owns the studio, so he knows the gear

A fantastic debut for Amy Kuney. Well produced, well written, beautifully sung, intimate without being boring..this CD has all the ingredients to break this artist national. It’s been on the rotational changer here at the Shred Hacienda for a little while.

Song picks:
So Help Me God – How The Wind Must feel – In The Dark

I like all the songs (all 6 of them, it’s really an "EP") but these three stand out as far as I’m concerned. The opener So Help Me God is absolutely fab.. stayed in my mind after I listened and still keeps coming back like a bad penny…How The Wind Must feel is just great. And In The Dark is a chilling testimony of emotion…

For more information on Amy Kuney log on to:
Amy Kuney

** I’ve seen Amy Kuney live and she IS that fabulous **

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Female Country Rock Singer: Patti B. CD Review

female singer Patti B.

Patti B. – Singer | Bassist | Writer | Multi-Tasker
Genre: aggressive rock | pop | country

Female Country Rock Singer with a Flair for Melody and Style = Patti B.:

This came as part of a 2 CD set. One about Patti B. and her band and the other about Billi and Patti, an acoustic country rock duo. I listened to Patti B.’s CD first and here’s the scoop. Not what I expected I gotta say. By that I mean I was expecting folk or pop..BUT..This woman ROCKS! Hard and heavy! The CD opened up with a bang…"Lies" the opening number kicked into an almost heavy metal feel with the slamming guitars, the big cuts on the drums and then Patti B.s vocals just took over. A mix between Ann Wilson of Heart, Melissa Etheridge and the best of the rock singers out there.. Patti B. is THAT good. This cut reminded me of ’80 rock and I love that stuff. So a thumbs up here. You go girl.

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Got my eyes on you
is a groovy number with a rock/blues feel AND guitar solos. Yeah. I like this number. Patti’s vocals are pretty soulful on this one.
Got My Eyes on You – Buy/Listen on Amazon.com

Slowing things down a bit, which is nice. Track 3 with a mellow intro and some southern tinged vocals by Patti. The guitar sound was sort of droney but it worked on this one. I would have liked to have had more of the cool keys later in the song, but hey… who am I to say? But lemme tell ya.. Patti sounds like Klaus Meine of The Scorpions at the end.. with the high end vibrato on the last chorus.. KEWL..

Not Again
is sort of a standard rock tune. Same droney guitar sound, which by now is getting kinda old. Let’s hear some variation Mikey. This songs is okay.. went by and onward to the next.

Wake up my sleeping angel&
This is a good song .. Driving and fun to listen to. The kick drum is REALLY out there. I like it. Gotta keep that sound in mind for some of my sequencing. Patti again sings her heart out as she does on all tracks. Her bass playing is right on the money. The next three numbers all have a lot of definition, especially from the guitar. Nice to hear textures.

Category: Female Rock, Country, Pop Singer – Patti B. – Summary

Well played by all. Love the vocals as you can tell by now. And the drums rock. Brian Moore is DA skin man. Patti’s bass playing is grooving and in the pocket. Mikey Silbaugh’s guitar playing is for the most part nice. I think he could have used more variations on the tones but overall it is okay.

The writing is fair to excellent, depending on the song. Some tracks just sound too generic to me but Patti makes it work nevertheless. ANY song she sings happens because of her.

Recording Quality:
Recorded at Audio Images, Bradenton, Florida and produced by Mike Badalamenti, Greg Voorhees and Cat Silbaugh (any relations to the guitarist?). Good sound overall. Drum sounds in particular are well done. Love the reverb and space surrounding them. Some nice delays on the vocals ever so often. Makes it nice and concert like. It’s a good sounding CD. Nice and big.

Patti B. is a kick ass singer who brings across the hybrid of classic rock with a bit of country and some soul to make the recipe complete. Love to see her live. A good CD to have in one’s rotational arsenal, like in the car. Driving down the freeways and listening to Patti B… with a Starbucks. That’ll get the adrenalin going.
Song picks: Lies, Got my eyes on you, The Enemy within, Love Screams

** Patti B. rocks! What else is there to say. **

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